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What you can do in Tenerife
Beautiful island belonging to the community of the Canary Islands and together with La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro make up the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which is located in the Atlantic Ocean and has a population of 904,713 inhabitants and a land area of 2,034.38 km ² and 342 km ² of coastline.

The climate of Tenerife is mild and the temperatures remain stable all year round which means that it is moderate, mild and very mild. The winter is not cold and the summer is not very hot either.

The natural beauties of Tenerife are many the beaches of the south zone are the most suitable for the visitors to enjoy a wonderful day when submerging in its warm waters within the same ones they emphasize Beach of Torviscas, Beach of the Teresitas and Beach of Alcala.

All of them are equipped with stores that offer food, drinks and bathroom services, as well as different types of stores where you can buy different objects to get to these beaches. You can go on foot or by car since they also have good parking places.

Tenerife being an island paradise offers many natural places of which stand out its beautiful beaches but tourists and visitors can also enjoy fun and unforgettable moments when visiting the historical places that contain spectacular monuments both civil and religious they represent a very good option to spend fun times and at the same time learn the culture and history of Tenerife.

More places of interest to visit in Tenerife

Chat gay tenerifeThe fabulous historic center of San Cristobal de la Laguna or simply La Laguna is a wonderful place full of history which for its great historical-cultural contribution was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and another site that thanks to its great beauty is also part of the heritage of humanity is the Teide National Park which is the most visited natural park in Spain and one of the most visited worldwide.

Continuing with the natural sites of Tenerife, the ravines are the most visited natural places by tourists are several in Tenerife: Ruiz, Fasnia and Güímar, the famous Barranco del Infierno and Erques which are protected by the government and access requires prior authorization from the same.

The Natural Park of Corona Forestal and the numerous natural monuments that exist in Tenerife are an important part of the tourist attraction and for this reason almost all of these spaces are protected to conserve their natural beauty intact.

In Tenerife there are many tourist centers Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas and Costa Adeje are the most popular and where the largest number of tourists are concentrated throughout the year they stay in the many hotels that offer excellent services and deals on prices in bars, restaurants, department stores and nightclubs pubs for the enjoyment of all those who love nightlife.

In addition to these places, there are also cultural events and traditional festivals that are an important part of the tourist and cultural attraction of Tenerife.

The Gastronomy of Tenerife

The kitchen tinerfeña offers typical plates where the fish is the ingredient more used by excellence the tuna in marinade is a good sample of it to this and other plates as much of fish, seafood or meat usually are accompanied with potatoes wrinkled with mojo which also comprises of the typical plates of the tinerfeña kitchen.

As far as the meats the one of goat is very appreciated in the preparation of the popular plate old clothes where this smooth and appetizing meat is used this plate is accompanied with white rice and salad or with potatoes wrinkled with mojo or sauce of the preference of the companion at table.

The pork is also used in many of the main plates of theinerfeña kitchen the tacos of marinated pig and the different sausages comprise in the elaboration of plates like the canary stew where both ingredients combine as far as the cheeses of milk of goat that are of exquisite flavor and much creamy reason why they are recognized as much in the region of Tenerife as in the rest of Spain.

Another very popular and traditional food is the canary gofio with which rich dishes are prepared such as the gofio escaldado but this food is also used in the preparation of other dishes as it is a complementary ingredient such as in the case of dishes with fish and meat bases, In recent years, the use of gofio has led to the elaboration of creamy ice creams that have been very well received and accepted.

In the confectionery of Tenerife you can distinguish typical desserts and sweets such as roasted milk, bienmesabe and frangollo. In the same way you can taste the huevos moles, quesillo and the famous Príncipe Alberto which are the most traditional and recognized in the area of Tenerife.

Regarding the wines, most of them are handmade by the families who have a tradition in this field. The most popular is the Canary Islands malvasia wine which has a great acceptance that has made it worthy of the world recognition as the best handmade wine.Chat gay tenerife